Book Tour w/Review: Devil’s Island by Mimi Sebastian **Giveaway**


Displaying Cover.jpgCaptain Boone Wilder leads a cadre of powerful and notorious pirates that rule the West Indies. He’s survived the cutthroat’s life, bearing the scars to prove it. Fearless, he seeks only the freedom of the seas and an enemy he’s hunted with a vengeance for years. When Boone waylays a fat merchant vessel bound for Port Royal, he discovers more than he bargained for in the luscious bounty of Miss Sabine Tanner. But Miss Tanner hides more than tempting curves in her skirts. When Boone finds her sneaking about the Port Royal taverns, meeting with dubious captains, he’s determined to learn what devious game she’s playing.

The daughter of a condemned pirate captain, Sabine Tanner took to the seas to clear her father’s name and locate her father’s legendary treasure. When her ship bound for Port Royal is boarded, she’s captured by the sun-bronzed, muscular Captain Wilder. While the man is dangerously attractive, she knows from experience that Wilder is nothing but a scabrous bilge rat. Circumstances force her to sail with the scoundrel to find her father’s ship, lost on the phantom Devil’s Island. Driven by opposing agendas, will they survive the hidden truths, or does their greatest threat lie with each other?


**I received a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review**

Review: 4.5 stars

General: This book just a great job of mixing the sexy with the adventure. Some of my favorite novels are the pirate romance because they’re so fun and still feel like an adventure more than the other historical era ones and Devil’s Island didn’t disappoint. The world building was strong, the research apparent and I loved that. Nothing is worse than picking up a historical where it’s only been half thought out.

The plot was strong from the action packed sea fights to the romance and steam it was well written, well paced and easy to enjoy. My only small issue was there were some moments that were a little cheesy but I know that is common in historical romances in my eyes.

Characters: Sabine- Sabine is a fun character for her time period. She was raised essentially as one of the boys and it made her extremely useful in context of the plot in this book. She was independent without being brazen as well as intelligent without having had the proper training while living aboard a ship as a child.

Boone- Boone is sure one sexy pirate! I love the combination of Scottish and pirate right off the bat. He’s a bad boy, he does things his own way and doesn’t care who it pisses off. The chemistry he brought to the relationship was definitely the stronger of the two.

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Author Info

Mimi Sebastian raised herself on books and the strange and unusual with an unhealthy dose of comics and swashbuckling Errol Flynn movies. Loving angst-filled romance thrown in, she decided to blend all those elements in a steamy mix in her first Urban Fantasy series, the Necromancer Books. The first book, The Necromancer’s Seduction, debuted July 15, 2013, with ImaJinn Books.

Mimi spent two years in the Ivory Coast with the Peace Corps and loves to introduce tidbits from her experiences in her writing. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA. A transplant from the beaches of Florida, Mimi now wanders the desert in Phoenix, AZ, and attempts to balance writing with a day career, fantastic family, and household diva: her Amazon parrot.

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