August Author Take Over Month: Guest Blog by Hildie McQueen


Hello everyone! Today’s stop on the August Take Over Month is a guest blog from the amazing Hildie McQueen! Check them out and then stop by her takeover from  8-9pm EST today by clicking here! Click the cover to buy the book!


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Supporting your Favorite Authors – Write a Review


My reading tends to be on the voracious side. I read, I finish and start the next book immediately. I ready daily and I read fast.

Until a few years ago, it never occurred to me there was a step in between books.

A review.

Sure I sometimes read reviews of books prior to buying them, especially if it was the first book of a series. Once I am hooked on a series, I avoid reviews because I don’t want to mistakenly stumble upon a spoiler.

Why are reviews important? Many reasons. Authors like feedback. Believe it or not, you can have a big impact on what happens in the next their book. Isn’t that exciting! Or you can give the author enough reviews to help him or her meet a requirement for an algorithm that will move the book into more Amazon visibility.

Your review, those twenty-five little words about a book you loved, are appreciated by authors. You should consider it more often.

Remember next time you finish a book. Stop and think. What can you say in twenty-five words about it, that will not only help the next reader, but help your favorite author in a way that very little else can.

Tell me your views on reviews. I will be giving away a copy of Highlander’s Captive or A Different Shade of Blue. Winner’s choice, to one lucky winner!

Happy Reading!

Hildie McQueen

Bestselling Author of The Shade of Blue Series

The McDougalls Highlanders

The Gentrys of Montana

One Night Stand Romance



2 responses to “August Author Take Over Month: Guest Blog by Hildie McQueen

  1. I am wondering what everyone thinks about an author that writes in manny different genres. Do you usually stick to reading only one? Historical, contemporary or paranormal? That type of thing?

    • I’m a genre whore :) if its an author I love I will absolutely try it all. However when I’m picking brand new books anything dark paranormal, Victorian (and steampunk) and then highlanders always gets my attention first.

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